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Dr. -Ing. Andrei CRIȘAN 

Andrei stands as a testament to the dynamic interplay between structural and automotive engineering. His tenure at Continental Automotive Romania (CAR) and Continental Engineering Services (CES) marks a significant chapter in his career, where he immersed himself in the complexities of automotive engineering. Andrei's journey took a visionary turn as he embraced the role of Innovation Manager for the Business Segment Interior. His leadership style is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning that anticipates and addresses the future needs of the automotive industry. 

The inception of the Automotive Cyber Security Academy (ACSA) is a testament to Andrei's visionary leadership and his commitment to addressing one of the most pressing challenges in the automotive sector: cybersecurity. Recognizing the critical need for specialized knowledge and skills in this domain, Andrei spearheaded the establishment of ACSA as a platform for cultivating a new generation of experts equipped to safeguard the automotive industry against cyber threats. 

Andrei's career is a compelling narrative of innovation, leadership, and unwavering commitment to advancing the automotive industry. His contributions not only reflect his profound expertise in engineering but also his determination to shape a safer, more secure, and innovative automotive future.